Community Action

We’re proud to support a range of community-building projects that harness and celebrate local voices, talents and energies in and around our local neighbourhood.

Anderston Green Spaces are a community-run eco-friendly group that aims to turn unused areas of land in Anderston into thriving green spaces. We supported the group to form through facilitating meet-ups where connections were made, friendships flourished and people became motivated and focussed on improving the green spaces in the area.

The group have subsequently become a constituted voluntary group, with a core committe of 8 and a growing wider membership. The group meet on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month and are undertaking a range of projects accross the local area.

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We play an active role in supporting Anderston Families Club; an inter-school and nursery initiative aimed at supporting parents/carers to build links across the local school communities through the provision of out-of-school clubs and social activities.

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The Women’s Integration Network (WIN) is a supportive and empowering women’s group that meets weekly at The Pyramid. The group celebrates diversity, creates a sense of belonging for women from all cultural backgrounds, supports women to challenge epistemic injustice and promotes meaningful integration in our communities for New Scots to thrive.

A Women’s Integration Network (WIN) meeting with our local Community Police Team.