Monday Morning Chair Yoga

/ 9.15am—10.15am
No booking required | First 2 classes FREE then £1 per class

Chair Yoga will be running on Monday mornings from 9.15 til 10.15am. Just come along in comfy clothes – no equipment required!

Chair yoga adapts traditional poses to make yoga more accessible for people who cannot stand for long periods. It’s a brilliant way to stay supple, and Caroline’s classes are social and friendly. Here’s what some people who have been along to the classes said about them:

“We enjoy the class, not just for the exercise – but because it is a social event. It is something to look forward to – that gets us up and motivated for the day.”

“As well as practicing movements that help to keep our bodies fitter – Caroline is also teaching us things about our bodies, we are learning about our muscles – and how to keep them healthier, stronger and more supple.”

“The class is relaxing, but it is also stimulating – we start at our feet, and go through all the bits and pieces of our body – right up to our brains! The class is great – because I don’t have brain fog after I’ve been!”