About Us

Our vision is for The Pyramid to play a key role in a thriving, well-connected neighbourhood.

Our aims are:

  • Advancing citizenship and community development.
  • Advancing the arts, heritage and culture.
  • Preventing and relieving poverty.
  • Reducing isolation, improving wellbeing, developing confidence and bringing together people from all backgrounds.
A group of children talking to adults behind a table. The children have had their faces painted, and are playing with various craft items.
Aerial photo of the Pyramid at Anderston

History + Heritage

The Pyramid is a distinctive part of the Glasgow skyline. Find out more about the history of our iconic B-listed building.

Constitution and Annual Accounts

Download our Annual Reports and Accounts.

Supporters + Funders

Find out more about the supporters of our project work and building renovation programmes.

Privacy Policy

The Pyramid At Anderston takes data security and privacy seriously.